2017 Sleeper Pitchers (The Search for Narco)

I'm looking for pitchers who can throw strikes, avoid walks and create strikeouts by making batters miss. This means these pitchers control their games as opposed to relying on their defense on balls put in play.

2017 Sleeper Hitters (The Search for Narco)

Dating back to 2007, there were 29 hitters who met my criteria and were also in their team's Opening Day lineup. Of those, 21 (72%) were drafted twice as high the next year and 90% outperformed expectations that season.

2016 Fantasy Baseball Rankings from Mr. Cheatsheet

My fantasy baseball rankings for 2016 were posted last night at FantasyPros. The rankings were constructed using HR data, xAVG trends and looking at my possible sleeper hitters and pitchers.

2016 Special Blend Baseball Projections from Mr. Cheatsheet

Weighting various other projection systems for each stat is a vast improvement over simply combining the projections. I find that these Special Blend projections have outperformed most other projections out there yearly.