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2016 Fantasy Baseball Rankings from Mr. Cheatsheet

2016 Fantasy Baseball Rankings from Mr. Cheatsheet

My fantasy baseball rankings for 2016 were posted late last night at FantasyPros. The rankings were constructed using lessons learned from HR data, xAVG trends and looking at my possible sleeper hitters and pitchers. On top of that, I also have the 2016 Special Blend projections to help shape my rankings as well. The basic idea for creating rankings is that it helps quantify exactly what I mean when I talk about moving players up or down on draft day based on some of the data I uncover on this site.

When comparing my rankings to the other experts at FantasyPros, there are a few notes:

  • My narco picks such as Stephen Piscotty, Michael Conforto, Randal Grichuck and Raisel Iglesias are among those that I ranked much higher than others. Not a huge surprise here. I see them as potential breakout candidates and guys that you should take before others get them.
  • Some players that my HR analysis indicated might be due for a big year, such as Jonathan Schoop and Justin Bour, also got a boost in my rankings.
  • Players that you see lower in my rankings, like Troy Tulowitzki, are often because my Special Blend projections indicate the possibility for a disappointing season for them this year. I don’t consider projections to be the Bible by any means but I do pay attention when they indicate something unexpected such as that.
  • And, as always, closers are a bit lower in my rankings as I do tend to wait a bit more than others on them.

Within each of the positional rankings below, you’ll see that I broke them into tiers. I think that’s a helpful way to view the positions as it indicates when there’s a dropoff in talent. In addition, I noted some players to target within most of the positional rankings as well and that’s based on there being potential higher valued players hidden later on in the draft.

Many thanks to FantasyPros for allowing us fantasy experts to have a place to post these rankings for all to see. Check them out below:

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