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Ranking The Accuracy Of Last Year’s Projections [2020 Edition]

I've been running my own analysis of baseball projections since 2012. It's been an educational process to better learn what works and what doesn't work, and I consistently share my results with you each year to help educate you

Using x-Stats To Find Sleepers and Busts for 2017 [Spreadsheet]

Using new batted ball data, researchers are able to better identify a hitter's true skill set and compare his outcomes over a season to the expected outcomes for someone with his hitting profile. We can take advantage of this

How WERTH Roto Values Are Calculated

A couple of friendly readers have e-mailed me in the past couple weeks asking for more information about how the WERTH Roto Values are calculated in the cheatsheets. The process itself isn’t overly complicated but the execution of it

2011 Projections Flashback – Predicting Hitter Stats

Your fantasy baseball draft preparation will only be as good as the projections that you are working from because good input equals good output. There are a multitude of great projection systems out there right now but which one