2020 Special Blend Projections for Fantasy Baseball

My Special Blend projections take data from a variety of free projection sources on the market and also use xStats and stats from previous years. For years, I have been running linear regression analysis with all of these sources each year to figure out what has the best impact on the actual results in a given year.

Ranking The Accuracy Of Last Year’s Projections [2020 Edition]

I’ve been running my own analysis of baseball projections since 2012. It’s been an educational process to better learn what works and what doesn’t work, and I consistently share my results with you each year to help educate you as well.

2020 Fantasy Baseball Sleeper Hitters (The Search For Narco)

It’s obvious that the best owners, time after time, are the ones who don’t panic once it gets later in the draft and the familiar names are off the board. These great owners are bummed that the draft ended because they still had a list of other deep sleepers they wanted. There’s just something to be said for dominating the latter half of the draft and finding those hidden gems.

2020 Fantasy Baseball Draft Cheatsheets

2020 Cheatsheets

Fantasy baseball draft season is approaching! Scrap whatever you were doing because I officially welcome you to the eleventh year of Mr. Cheatsheet. I’m here, once again, at your service to help you win your fantasy leagues aided by the craziest Excel spreadsheets in the land.

The 2019 Projections Like These Players More Than You Do

The projections likely will not predict a sleeper who surprises everyone but they will give you a good idea of which players are being undervalued, perhaps due to public perception about them.

2019 Fantasy Baseball Rankings (Top 400)

My rankings are composed of advanced statistics, xStats, sleepers, busts and lots of projection knowledge. This results in a nicely ordered list of preferred players each year.