2016 Import Templates for Mr. Cheatsheet

ADP Data Import Template
Auction Values Import Template
Projection Data Import Template

If you have used my cheatsheets but thought it would be a lot cooler to have your own ADP data or Auction values or projections in the cheatsheet instead? Well, wish no more! You can now use these templates to import data into the cheatsheets too.

For ADP/Auction data, you will need to make sure that the players are in First-Last name order for the first column of the template. The second column is where you will paste their ADP or Auction Values. If you have data from another source that is in “Last, First” name format, I suggest that you use the Data/Text to Columns feature in Excel to split the name into two columns and then use a formula to put the first and last name in the correct order. If the name order is not correct, your data will not work in the cheatsheets. Also, if there are names that are spelled wrong or spelled differently than you see in my cheatsheets, it also will not work so check your data carefully.

For Projection data, the same rules about name order apply. Also, you will want to arrange your projection data is in the same column order as you see in the template. If you have Stolen Bases in a different column, for instance, then all of your data will be messed up when imported. The columns you see in the spreadsheet template are the only stats you can import (AVG, OBP, ERA, WHIP and other rate stats are calculated automatically).