Podcast | Fantasy Baseball Performance Enhancing Discussions, Ep. 3

In a new feature at this site, there will be an entertaining weekly podcast that is hosted by me and Russ, my co-host who will represent the average inquisitive fantasy player. Close up your spreadsheets and step away from your draft articles as we set out to entertain you and educate you in regards to fantasy baseball strategy.

Before we break into this week’s episode, you must watch the awesome promo Russ created for the podcast featuring his son reenacting great baseball movie moments:

Episode 3: Drafting Fantasy Sleepers

In this episode, Russ and I discuss how to go about drafting fantasy sleepers and the caveats that go along with these risky players. We also discuss Miguel Cabrera‘s eye injury, Joakim Soria‘s replacement and Bryce Harper. In the weekly quiz, Russ struggles to figure out who last year’s statistical leaders were. The mailbag question focuses on how many sleepers to target and I find a way to mention Paul Goldschmidt in another podcast.

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