2015 Printable Cheatsheet – Tiered Rankings Using ADP & Projected Value

It’s easy to get overloaded with fantasy baseball information. There are so many projections and rankings and stats and sleepers and ADP data to keep track of that it can be a bit overwhelming. The Excel cheatsheets that you find on this site try to pull in all of that info into one nice place but there’s something to be said for simplicity as opposed to information overload.

For those that are looking for a more simple view of their options on draft day, I present my printable PDF cheatsheets (though you can just as easily use these on your computer if you want to save a tree and not print them). Within the cheatsheet, you’ll see players broken down by position and ordered by their average draft position (ADP) at each site. However, they are broken into tiers at that position based on where there are projected drops in value at that position. You’ll quickly get a glance at where the value lies at each position and who you might want to target before a tier is all used up.

You can also gauge each player’s value within that tier as I put each player’s projected WERTH value (based on my Special Blend projections) next to their name. The values are position-adjusted which account for position scarcity with a value of zero representing a replacement level player at that position and anything below zero representing a projected bench player or a starter who will deliver negative value. You may notice that a player who is eligible at multiple positions may have very different values at each position as a result of the position adjustment. I tried to account for multi-position eligibility as best as I could according to the position rules at each site (Yahoo’s being the most lenient in that regard). Most of the cheatsheets are two pages in case you want to also have another page for the later rounds of the draft too.

2015 Average ADP Tiered Cheatsheet
2015 CBS Leagues ADP Tiered Cheatsheet
2015 ESPN Leagues ADP Tiered Cheatsheet
2015 NFBC Leagues ADP Tiered Cheatsheet
2015 Yahoo Leagues ADP Tiered Cheatsheet

How To Use

You have a few ways to utilize these cheatsheets during your draft. Of course, you could print these out and cross off names with a pen or pencil during the draft but that may be too old school for you. If so, you can always use a PDF editor on your computer to cross off names as they get drafted during your draft.

To accomplish this, I recommend using PDF-XChange Editor which offers a free version and a good alternative to Adobe Acrobat (which you could also use). If you do, you can use the Cross Out Text tool under Comment & Markup Tools. It’s a nice way to still have your computer in front of you (and hide your cheatsheet) but keep up to date about who is available at each position.

And, as always, if you want a cheatsheet with a lot more bells and whistles then you could download my customizable Excel cheatsheets.

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