2017 Fantasy Baseball Rankings by Mr. Cheatsheet (Top 300)

My initial 2017 fantasy baseball rankings have now officially been posted at FantasyPros. These rankings will be subject to change as position battles are decided and free agents are signed and my Special Blend projections get created but this should get us going in the right direction. I base my projections around things like advanced HR data, potential breakouts and slumps based on x-stats, my underrated pitcher calculations and more.

I attempt to create rankings that give an idea of how far I plan to move players up and down my draft board based on some of the research I’ve done. In addition, the tricky part with rankings is that we have to take public perception into account. I may think that a bunch of early-round starting pitchers will be extra valuable this year but there’s typically more of a rush on hitters early on so you’d do yourself a disservice by just going simply off of value and ignoring hitting altogether early. So, that being said, it’s a bit of an art and science to think about actual value, perceived value and scarcity of positions.

Outliers In My Initial Rankings

When comparing my rankings to the other experts at FantasyPros, there are a few notes:

  • I see a revival from players that many people seem to have counted out. This includes Stephen Strasburg, Yu Darvish, Maikel Franco and Buster Posey. Disappointing years for players often have extreme effects on their value but I think these players still have all the tools to become the highly-ranked players we once thought they were.
  • I foresee some sort of decline based for a few players that are way up on a lot of draft boards like Gary Sanchez, Xander Boegarts and, yes, Mookie Betts. Mookie is obviously the most controversial of those. I do think he’s a great player but I’m just not sure he’s “second pick overall” great yet. Let’s see if he proves me wrong.
  • I tend to find older veterans are undervalued in the current fantasy baseball climate and you’ll often see that I rank them a bit higher than most.

My 2017 Fantasy Baseball Top 300

Check back here for changes to my rankings. I’ll continue to update these throughout the spring as more data rolls in. If you want to know when I update these, make sure to follow me on Twitter where I’ll surely tweet about it.

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  • Mark Magers
    02/10/2017 at 11:03 PM

    Ryan Braun at 66?

  • Mark
    02/20/2017 at 12:52 PM

    Man I am dying for your 2017 cheatsheet to come out! Any ETA?

  • hildy
    03/04/2017 at 8:02 AM

    Daniel Murphy #7 Lol ahead of Villar and Odor??? They are not top 15 guys. Zobrist #16??? Carpenter will be a top 5 2B this year for sure

  • Michael Buchanon
    03/04/2017 at 4:33 PM

    When will this years cheat sheet be released? It is friggin Awesome and super Kosher.