2011 Head-to-Head Fantasy Baseball Cheatsheet – Initial Release

I’m still waiting on more projections to be released but I’ve put the finishing touches on the initial version of the 2011 cheatsheet for head-to-head points-based leagues.  Feel free to give it a download and test it out.  Let me know if you encounter anything strange.

For these cheatsheets, you can notice a comparison between projected points for a player and the average starting player at their position.  This is to give you an idea of whether you’re getting good value for him or not.  To give an idea of value, you can also view the Points Above Average ranking for each player.  For instance, Albert Pujols is not only a top producing player but his points above the average player at his position is tops in the league in some formats, which makes him even more valuable.

Another handy feature, which is also included in the roto cheatsheet, is the ability to see the chance that a player will be available at the current pick, the next round or the round following that.  This gives you an idea whether you should reach for that player or not.

In related news, the 2011 roto cheatsheet format has been updated as well as newer rankings and ADP data.

2011 H2H Cheatsheet
2011 Roto Cheatsheet
WERTH Roto Point System

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