Podcast | Fantasy Baseball Performance Enhancing Discussions, Ep. 1

In a new feature at this site, there will be an entertaining weekly podcast that is hosted by me and Russ, my co-host who will represent the average inquisitive fantasy player. Close up your spreadsheets and step away from your draft articles as we set out to entertain you and educate you in regards to fantasy baseball strategy.

Episode 1: What’s Different About The 2012 Draft?

In the inaugural episode of the podcast, Russ and I introduce ourselves to the world and explain the goal of the podcast. We discuss fantasy baseball news regarding Carl Crawford, Shaun Marcum and Brett Myers. Afterwards, we dive into this week’s show topic where we discuss how to treat the 2012 draft and the lack of power hitters and abundance of pitchers. The show concludes me attempting to stump Russ by asking him about 2012 player name changes and Russ introducing his fantasy resource of the week, Fangraphs.

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Go ahead and subscribe to the seperate podcast RSS feed and check us out iTunes once it is posted there in the near future. More importantly, leave us some comments about the show and submit mailbag questions for future episodes!

(Also, check out the brand new Twitter account for Russ: @mrscheatsheet)

3/15/12 Update: Due to the relative popularity of our first episode, we quickly outgrew Podomatic as a podcast host because of bandwidth limitations. So, I have changed the links that were originally published in this post to reflect our new podcast host.

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