Podcast | Fantasy Baseball Performance Enhancing Discussions, Ep. 4

In a weekly feature here, we present another episode of the entertaining weekly podcast that is hosted by me and Russ, my co-host who will represent the average inquisitive fantasy player. Step away from baseball statistics and step into the world of insightful and witty fantasy baseball banter.

Episode 4: The Tradition of Live Drafting

This week, we discuss why live fantasy baseball drafts are so essential to a good fantasy league. Given that drafts have concluded and the season hasn’t started, this live-ish episode focuses less on the analytical and strategical aspects of fantasy baseball and more on the tradition-based aspects of it. In the broken news, we discuss Ryan Madson‘s replacement, Michael Pineda‘s DL stint and the return of Johan Santana.


  • Given that this was recorded in a different format, the audio quality is a bit different than you may be used to. Back to normal next week.
  • We mention a draft board service on the show but didn’t know the name of it. Their website is: http://www.revolabels.com/

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