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2010 Fantasy Baseball

Carlos Gonzalez Will Be 2011’s Matt Kemp

Matt Kemp shot up fantasy draft charts after a big 2009 campaign to become a trendy first round fantasy pick last season.  He had a decent year overall but it wasn’t the type of year that drafters hoped for.

Revisited: The Search for Narco | 2010 Sleeper Hitters

Way back in January of this year, I chronicled a method I use for tracking down fantasy deep sleepers for my leagues. These sleepers are sometimes so hidden from other drafters’ views that we’ve had to invent a new

Revisited: My Fantasy Baseball Stars of 2010

Last March, I wrote up a summary of my favorite targets for the upcoming fantasy baseball drafts. These were the players that were my type of guys and had opportunity to deliver big value.  This was different than my

Revisited: My Fantasy Baseball Blacklist of 2010

Let’s pause and take a break from the Looking Back series which is glancing over the successes and failures of drafts from last year.  Instead, we’re going to take a different look at last year’s drafts.  In this series, I’m

A Look at Mr. Cheatsheet’s Stars of 2010

We talked a lot about draft strategy and positional value this preseason and hopefully we all learned a bit and had a good time.  But, underneath all of that, I had guys that I’ve been really excited about without

The Search for Narco: Revisited | 2010 Sleeper Hitters

The first post of this 2010 fantasy baseball season here was an introduction to my method of finding deep sleepers (or ‘narcos’ as I call them).  Then, throughout the past 2 months, I’ve discussed the strengths and weaknesses of

The Search for Narco | 2010 Sleeper Hitters

When diving into the draft pool for fantasy baseball sleepers each year, one can certainly find a lot of names floating around. But, when going deep-sea diving for off-the-chart sleepers, it gets a little trickier. My friend and I