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2013 Fantasy Baseball

Hidden Value in Point-Based Leagues | Key Players for 2013

The industry standard for fantasy baseball leagues is still the traditional rotisserie league but point-based leagues have quite a market as well. These leagues make for an easy transition for those who started in the fantasy football world as

Which Stats Are Most Scarce In 5×5 Roto? | Part 1: Hitters

You probably remember learning about supply and demand at some point in your academic life. The idea is that the quantity of a product that’s on the market and the demand for that product have an effect on the

2013 Printable Cheatsheet | Tiered Rankings by ADP

Fantasy baseball drafts are about more than just player value as the value relative to their position plays an important role too. If you know that there’s a significant dropoff in value at 1B after Anthony Rizzo goes off

2013 Fallback Players | xAVG vs AVG

Of all of the stats that are used in rotisserie leagues, batting average is the one that is most able to be fluctuated by good luck or bad luck. As a fantasy baseball owner, it is extremely valuable to