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2014 Fantasy Baseball

An Apology, A Revival and What’s Ahead at Mr. Cheatsheet

The end of the fantasy baseball season is fast approaching for some of you. For others, the season is already over and you’re working on your fantasy football lineups or, if you’re a little obsessive, getting ready for the

Do You Make These 8 Fantasy Draft Day Mistakes?

Once you realize that you’ve made some strategic errors in your fantasy baseball draft, it is often too late to fix them. There is no undo button to fix a bad draft pick. It sounds simple but the best

Most Overvalued Players in 2014 According To The Projections

While projection systems certainly aren’t the be-all-end-all when it comes to your fantasy baseball draft prep, they do offer nice conservative predictions that you can rely on. I touched upon some of the undervalued players from the main projection

Most Undervalued Players in 2014 According To The Projections

Each of the baseball projection systems have their own unique quirks which result in valuing certain players a bit differently than each other and a bit differently than the public too. Those differences in value sometimes end up highlighting

Mr. Cheatsheet’s 10 Safe Predictions for 2014

While I take to writing about sleepers and finding hidden value in your drafts, this site is actually about playing it safe in fantasy baseball. The projections, for instance, in the cheatsheets are based off past performance and not

What Are The Differences Between Roto Vs. Points League Rankings?

Contrary to popular belief, rotisserie leagues aren’t the only type of fantasy baseball leagues. Point-based leagues also have a strong following yet there isn’t as much analysis about them on fantasy baseball sites. If you’ve ever played in both