2011 Fantasy Cheatsheet – H2H Points – March Release

My point-based league friends, don’t think I forgot about you.  If you read about the fantasy baseball roto cheatsheets being updated earlier this week, you can now enjoy all of those same new features in the March release of the H2H Excel cheatsheets.  These power-packed workbooks are fully customizable to any league type you may be in and contain a bunch of nifty features that make them easy to utilize in the midst of your drafts even if you had six Heineken Lights by Round 10.

Here are the features you can now enjoy in this latest release:

  • Player Search – Simple little addition to allow you to more easily find players as you go
  • Sort Options – Sort by stats, ADP or rankings in one click of a button now.
  • Hide Drafted Players – Keeps the spreadsheet nice and tidy as you go along with undrafted guys at the top. Updates automatically as players are drafted.
  • New Rankings – Added a bunch of new player rankings from various sites and updated the composite ranking (just averages out the set of rankings). If you want other sites’ rankings added, let me know.
  • New ADP Data – Got CBS (H2H specific) and ESPN’s average draft position data now available to use as an option. If you know of other ADP sites that post their data, let me know as well.
  • ZiPS Projections – ZiPS is a great projection system for predicting the upcoming season and is now available to use if you so choose.
  • Combined Projections – If you don’t feel comfortable choosing a projection system, this new tool gives you the ability to just combine the main ones (Marcel, CAIRO and ZiPS) and just roll with that.

This is all in addition to the already great features which you may be familiar with:

  • Completely customizable league settings to show fantasy points for any point scheme you may have
  • Live projected standings updated throughout the draft to see just where you stand based on the projections
  • Switch over to any projection system throughout the draft for multiple opinions
  • Choose from a number of rankings to get “expert” opinions on where players rank
  • Based on your league settings and number of starting players, see how each player compares to the average starter at his position
  • Ability to mark off players as they get drafted and use our custom formula to estimate the odds that players might still be available in one or two rounds.

Though the long video walkthrough at the bottom here talks about the roto cheatsheets, you can take a glance at it if you’re desperately confused and need some guidance as most of the info applies to these sheets as well. Otherwise, get to downloading and customizing your very special cheatsheet and start dominating your draft ASAP.

Make sure to SAVE the file before opening because problems have been reported with running a macro-enabled cheatsheet from a temporary folder.

2011 Points Cheatsheet v2.0

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  • Dan
    03/22/2011 at 3:15 AM

    i can't see the rotovalue that you are speaking of on minute 4:15

  • Luke
    03/22/2011 at 3:27 AM

    That video talks about the roto cheatsheets (though most of it applies to points leagues). If you're looking at the points cheatsheet, you would see the point values for each player based on league type since there would be no point for a roto value for non-roto leagues.

    If you're in a H2H roto league though, you'd want to use the roto cheatsheet as opposed to the points cheatsheet.