2012 H2H Cheatsheet (Point-Based Scoring) | Initial Release

In lieu of any wonderful articles this week, the work here has been completely focused on getting the initial cheatsheets released and here’s the last of them. This cheatsheet is for those that are in leagues for point-based scoring instead of roto leagues. You’ll be able to set your scoring system, teams, required starters and all of that fun stuff that you’ve come to know and love.

Here’s the basics info you need to know about these spreadsheets as I’ve gone over previously:

When opening up the spreadsheet, you may be asked to enable macros. Please enable macros as that is the only way this spreadsheet can work! You will then be presented with a form to fill out where you can enter all sorts of information about your unique league settings and what projection systems, expert rankings and ADP data that you want displayed. You can always change this info later! If you just want to look at the sheet, you can just close that form and start looking around.

Within the Draft Central tab, you have all of the draftable players and their project point values, points above average at their position, their projected stats and odds that the player will be available at various points in the draft. At this point, you can click on the Customize button to choose whether you want to hide certain data or hide players as they’re drafted. During the draft, you can select who drafted each player by clicking on the box next to each player’s name. This will update the Live Standings and Team Summary tabs. You can also choose how you want to sort the cheatsheet at any time on this page.

On the Live Standings tab, this will take into account the projected starters for each team based on your league settings then it will display the standings based on that info and it will also display the team budget. On the Team Summary tab, you can view who has been drafted by each team and see who is currently projected as a starter or bench player on those teams. Finally, you can view the Credits & Glossary tab to see where the data is coming from and to find out what the various parts of the spreadsheet may mean.

Download the 2012 H2H Points Cheatsheet


Data included for this release:

  • CAIRO projections
  • RotoChamp projections
  • Fangraphs Fan projections
  • MockDraftCentral ADP
  • ESPN rankings
  • RotoChamp rankings
  • Roto Summit rankings
  • Combined rankings (average of available rankings)

Unique features in the H2H cheatsheet compared to other cheatsheets:

  • Ability to set your league’s scoring system and see the projected total points for each player
  • Ability to track standings based on projected total points for each team

For you pointy fans of point-based leagues, dive into this cheatsheet and test it out to make sure everything is there for you. Once March comes along, it will be hard to implement any changes or new features so request them now if you spot any possible improvements or bugs! Also, check my Twitter feed to see when minor updates are made that aren’t posted on this site.

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  • Bingo
    02/13/2012 at 8:09 PM

    I downloaded a trial of Excel 2011 for Mac to try out this spreadsheet and am getting an error when I open the file that says, "Microsoft Visual Basic Run Time error '380': Could not set the ControlSource property. Invalid Property Value."

    The file then opens but none of the Macros work.

  • Luke
    02/13/2012 at 8:16 PM

    Ahh, yes. The world of Excel on the Mac is unfortunately unfamiliar territory for me. The spreadsheet was built on a Windows machine. I do want to try to get this cleaned up for the Mac soon though because a couple people who downloaded the other cheatsheets reported similar problems.

    I'll see what I can do and post an update here soon. I'll just need to get access to a Mac for a little bit so I can play around in there and see what the problem is.

  • nealesq1
    02/18/2012 at 10:01 PM

    How do you sort the spreadsheet to look at players by position?

  • nealesq1
    02/18/2012 at 10:09 PM

    I know there is a sort button but even after I downloaded and saved the spreadsheet it is still a protected sheet and is asking for a password to unprotect.

  • Luke
    02/18/2012 at 11:35 PM

    Sorry, not sure why I left the Sort By Position option off! If you download the spreadsheet again, I have that option added.

    And, yes, the sheets are password protected because there are too many things that can easily get broken otherwise.

    Let me know if that's not working right once you download and check it out.

  • Hokiebird
    02/24/2012 at 7:46 PM

    Is there a way to produce a cheatsheet with some average of the combined projections (similar to the options of averaging all of the rankings?). it seems like you can just pick one projection system at a time. Just curious. Otherwise, great stuff!

  • Luke
    02/24/2012 at 7:56 PM

    Yup! That will be added once I get Steamer and Marcel projections in. I wrote a post this week about how the combined projections performed the best for hitters last year (http://www.mrcheatsheet.com/2012/02/2011-projections-flashback-predicting.html). And I typically do have those in there. I just need to get the last of the projection systems added in first.

    Steamer should be up this weekend so I'll probably add some sort of combined projection at that time.

  • ruptrain
    03/07/2012 at 2:21 AM

    This is amazing. Thanks so much. Is there any way you can add a sort of projected points?
    Thanks again

  • Joey D
    03/13/2012 at 4:53 PM

    This is awesome.
    When I change the settings and try to update, I recieve the following: "Compile Error Hidden MOdule: Settings"

    We have AL only. Is there a way to e,iminate the NL players?


  • dance4thedj
    03/16/2012 at 1:28 PM

    Do you have a version for Excel 2003 with .xls? This does not convert. Thanks!

  • Boog
    03/21/2012 at 3:48 PM

    I'm a little confused on how to customize settings for scoring on this. I do a 5×5 H2H league with standard scoring (AVG, HR, R,RBI, SB, W, SV, ERA, WHIP, K), so how am I supposed to account for that given the scoring categories displayed? Would I be better off using the Roto cheat sheet and basing my picks off of the Werth values?

  • Luke
    03/22/2012 at 12:55 PM

    Sorry, guys. I didn't see these comments here until now.

    Joey: I'm working on AL-Only versions for this weekened.
    Dance: Unfortunately, I won't be putting out an Excel 2003 version this year. Sorry about that.
    Boog: Yeah, you'd want to do the Roto cheatsheet. This would be for leagues that are more like fantasy football where you get points for each stat. The Roto cheatsheet would tell you the player values for your type of league.

  • ruffreiter22
    03/22/2012 at 6:08 PM

    Is there a way to remove all pitchers from the odds of availability columns? My league uses MLB.com (which uses staff pitching) – I've adjusted the settings to require no pitchers, and have made all pitching stats worth 0, but they are still screwing up the draft %s because they are factored into the ADP.