The Weekender | Southern Tier 2X Stout, Bauer/Cobb, Capital Cities

Fantasy baseball is about more than just numbers and even more than just winning or losing. It’s a way of life for many months of the year. Accomplishing the ideal fantasy baseball lifestyle isn’t easy so I have a new weekly post here in honor of The Weekend and the pursuit of a fun fantasy season. You’ll get beer recommendations, songs to listen to, baseball articles you should read and games you should watch each weekend. It’s baseball season so let’s live it up!

Beer of the weekend

Southern Tier 2X Stout

So, you want to watch some baseball but you don’t know what beer would hit the spot? Well, this nice milk stout might do the trick. This is a beer that simply explodes with foam when it is poured so use caution if you have one eye on a baseball game as you pour. After pouring, you can probably watch a half inning of the game while the foam dissipates. After it finally does, you’ll be able to whiff up a bit of some milk chocolatey goodness. Upon first taste, you’ll notice it has a nice creamy taste to it but with also a bit of hoppy bitterness that adds some complexity to it. If you’ve had a milk stout, you might expect some sweetness but you’ll only get a little tease of that here. It’s the perfect drink for the cold days of early baseball season. It has the warmth of a nice winter drink with hints of the sweetness that is to come when the weather gets warmer. Think of it as the gateway between the darkness and complexity of winter and the promise of light, simple summer days ahead. Early baseball season in drink form.

Rating (1-5 scale)
Appearance (5), Aroma (2), Flavor (4), Palate (4), Overall (4)

Game of the weekend

Indians (Bauer) vs. Rays (Cobb) on Saturday at 7:10 PM EST

What game should you make time to watch as a fantasy baseball nut this weekend? There’s some pretty obviously good pitching matchups this weekend. Darvish/Weaver, Cain/Wainwright/, Verlander/Sabathia, Hamels/Shields are just some of the gems that you could watch. But, for the most part, you know what to expect out of those guys and they’re owned on every fantasy team in the world. If I’m going to watch a game from a fantasy perspective, I want to use it for information gathering. To me, the best game for that this weekend is the Indians/Rays game on Saturday night where Trevor Bauer is pitching against Alex Cobb. These are both young phenoms who could deliver potentially great numbers this season. Bauer is a total wildcard as he was a huge prospect that the Diamondbacks seemingly gave up on due to his eccentricity. Cobb has already shown some success but how high is his ceiling? These two pitchers should make for a fun matchup. In addition, I want to see what this new-look Indians team looks like as I think they put together some interesting pieces this offseason.

Article of the weekend

Does Plate Discipline Come With Age? (Beyond The Boxscore) – If you’re a craft fantasy baseball player then you’re always looking for a hidden edge. Based on the evidence within this article, it may make OBP owners wonder if older players are the new market inefficiency.

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