2018 Position Tiers for Fantasy Baseball [Printable PDF Cheatsheets]

When I started this site nine years ago on some fateful night, I was hoping to have a place to unleash my Excel wizardry upon the world. I quickly found out that not everyone liked spreadsheets and that some people liked to go the old fashioned pen and paper route in their drafts. I appreciated the simplicity and singular focus of such an idea so I started thinking up ideas for the best type of printable cheatsheet that I’d want in a draft. It had to be simple, easy to read but still unique and worthwhile. One night, I suddenly awoke with an idea: positional tiered cheatsheets! And now I’ve been making ’em ever since.

The idea behind these sheets is that they break down the draft pool into positional tiers ordered by the Average Draft Position for the main draft sites out there. The tiers group together the players of similar values at those positions so you can see when a big drop in value is coming and plan accordingly. Maybe you see that there are tons of outfielders left in the current tier so you skip it for a round and go for a weaker position. The cheatsheet will guide you during times of trouble like that. They’re your beacon during the storm.

The numbers next to each player’s name in my sheet represent their projected WERTH roto value according to my Special Blend projections for a typical 5×5 roto league. The values you see are adjusted by position to represent that player’s value at that specific position. A player with a value of of zero would be a replacement level player at that position and anything below zero represents a projected bench player. Players that are eligible at multiple positions are listed in each position they’re eligible in and you will notice that they may have very different values at each position as a result since these values are position-adjusted.

These draft guides are in PDF format and they can easily be used from your computer using a PDF editor or they can be printed out, depending on your preference.

Download the 2018 Printable Cheatsheets

To check out the PDF cheatsheets themselves, choose one of the following download links. If you are drafting at a specific draft site, I’d recommend downloading the cheatsheet for that site as your draft order will likely more closely resemble that draft site’s ADP.

2018 Average ADP Tiered Cheatsheet
2018 CBS Leagues ADP Tiered Cheatsheet
2018 ESPN Leagues ADP Tiered Cheatsheet
2018 NFBC Leagues ADP Tiered Cheatsheet
2018 Yahoo Leagues ADP Tiered Cheatsheet

How To Use

It’s pretty simple really. Print ’em out. Take out a pen and cross names off as they’re drafted. Maybe drink a beer and talk to your friends in between picks. Maybe stare at the wall. The choice is yours. Or, yeah, you could use a PDF editor to digitally strike-out names as they get drafted. But, still, the beer and wall-staring are still available options even if you go that route.

2017 Printable Cheatsheet Preview

Happy drafting, you crazy kids! Enjoy!

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    03/31/2018 at 1:35 PM

    Hi, you’re awesome. Thanks for what you do. This is just what I needed on short notice for a deep 5×5 roto. While all leagues have different rules and require x amount of starters at different positions, this cheat sheet does all the leg work for you and I feel bad that my competition probably does not have such an awesome tool at their disposal. Great work such as this will never be well known though, as I would never share such a valuable thing with my competition, friend or otherwise. Thanks again and if there’s anything I can do for you, contact me!