2019 Position Tiers for Fantasy Baseball (Printable PDF Cheatsheets)

Not everything has to be digital and on the computer screen. Instead of using an online calendar, I carry around a physical planner. There’s something simple and nice about it. For those practical folks, a nice printable cheatsheet may be all they need on their fantasy baseball draft day. That is the reason why I continue to create my printable cheatsheets even in the digital world of 2019.

These sheets are broken down by position for each main draft site, based on the positional eligibility rules of that site. Each position is then broken into tiers so you can see where there are expected drop-offs in value at each position. They’re in order by the typical average draft position of the players at those draft sites. With these tiers, you know when a tier is about to run out and can draft accordingly. It’s as simple as that.

Once you open up the sheets, you’ll see numbers in parentheses next to each player’s name. That number is the projected WERTH roto value for that player in a typical 5×5 roto league based off my Special Blend projections. The WERTH roto value is basically how far above or below average that player is based off the standard five roto categories. These values are also position-adjusted, so you may see a player have a different value at 2B than he does at 3B. A value of zero here is basically saying that player is a replacement level player.

These draft guides are in PDF format. You can choose to print them out and mark off your players as the draft goes, or you can use a PDF editor on your computer to digitally strike out players too.

Download the 2019 Printable Cheatsheets

To check out the PDF cheatsheets themselves, choose one of the following download links. If you are drafting at a specific draft site, I’d recommend downloading the cheatsheet for that site as your draft order will likely more closely resemble that draft site’s ADP.

2019 Average ADP Tiered Cheatsheet
2019 CBS Leagues ADP Tiered Cheatsheet
2019 ESPN Leagues ADP Tiered Cheatsheet
2019 NFBC Leagues ADP Tiered Cheatsheet
2019 Yahoo Leagues ADP Tiered Cheatsheet

How To Use

I won’t complicate things here. You use these by crossing names off the cheatsheet as players get drafted and then you see who is available when your pick comes up and draft them. You’ll want to pay attention to when a tier is about to end because that indicates the next tier indicates a drop in value at that position. Use a pen, use a pencil, use a space pen, or use a PDF editor on your computer. The choice is yours.

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  • Puppet
    03/15/2019 at 6:22 PM

    Will there be separate a sheet for points leagues?

  • Mr. Rogers
    03/22/2019 at 5:47 PM

    Thanks for putting these together! FYI – It looks like the Average ADP sheet has some issues within the tier 3 OF section. For example Schwarber is one of a few guys that is doubled up and also listed elsewhere (in tier 5, where I think he should be), and guys like Eloy, Robles, and McCutchen are missing altogether. I appreciate all the work you put into these!