2021 ADP Tiers for Fantasy Baseball (Printable PDF Cheatsheets)

The cornerstone of this website is the massively customizable Excel cheatsheets for your fantasy baseball drafts, but those type of sheets are not for everyone. There’s something to be said for simplicity at times too. That’s where my printable tiered cheatsheets come in.

The basic idea of these printable cheatsheets is that they’ll break down the average draft positions for each position but split them into tiers so you can see when there will be a drop in value at a position. These sheets are not ordered by my own rankings. I find it more valuable to think in terms of average draft position (ADP) during a draft because that lets me know at which point players are typically being drafted so I know when to target them to get the best value.

The process of breaking positions down into tiers by ADP data starts out by me running the data and glancing at charts such as this:

Within those charts, I can start to see where there are drop-offs in value and new tiers forming. That is the basis of these printable sheets.

Once you open up the sheets, you’ll see numbers in parentheses next to each player’s name. That number is the projected WERTH rotisserie value for that player in a typical 5×5 roto league based on my Special Blend projections. The WERTH roto value is basically how far above or below average that player is based on the standard five roto categories.

It’s easy to use these sheets in a draft by just printing them out and following along and crossing off names as you go. You can also use them digitally by opening them in a PDF editor and crossing off drafted players in there.

Download the 2021 Printable Cheatsheets

There are four options for downloading your printable cheatsheet. You can choose a version that is catered to a specific draft site and you’ll be able to see players eligible at the correct positions for that, as well as the ADP data for that site. Or, you can do the Average ADP version which uses the FantasyPros average draft position data.

Good luck! May these printable cheatsheets serve you well in your 2021 fantasy drafts!

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