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2011 Fantasy Baseball

2011’s Biggest Fantasy Surprises (Hitters)

You might describe the path to a fantasy baseball title as avoiding the disappointing players and finding the surprise players. In 2011, there were certainly surprises all over the board and even some from the middle rounds of the

2011’s Biggest Fantasy Disappointments (Pitchers)

When you spend an early draft pick on a player, you expect good value in return. When you don’t get it, the results are sometimes disastrous. We already took a look at the biggest disappointments from the guys who swing

2011’s Biggest Fantasy Disappointments (Hitters)

Each year, fantasy baseball has some horribly disappointing players. Drafting these players is kind of like when you pay a ton of money for a diamond ring, give it to your wife and then realize that it’s cubic zirconia

Revisited: The Search for Narco (2011)

Prior to the season each year, I come out with a list of potential sleeper candidates that are hidden beyond your normal “sleepers”. I dub these players to be “narcos”. While it would be nice to ignore some of

2011 Final Roto Values – From 101 to 200

In the second part of my look at last year’s performers, we’ll continue to look at the top fantasy players from last year as sorted out by WERTH value (estimated number of points gained in the standings for owning

2011 Final Roto Values – The Top 100

As fantasy football playoffs start up throughout the country, it introduces the start of months of fantasy baseball preparation season for many folks out there. In order to accurately look forward at the year ahead, I’m going to start

What The Luck – Hitters Aided By BABIP

Hey, did you miss me? Okay, so you probably didn’t notice that I took a week-or-so hiatus from posting but I’m back anyway! This week in What The Luck, we’ll take a gander into the baseball landscape in search of

What The Luck – Pitchers to Sell High or Buy Low On

With a month of baseball in the books, we’re starting to get enough data to do some proper analysis of who has been lucky and unlucky thus far.  Though we trust our core numbers that we grew up with