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Fantasy Midseason Strategy

Week 1 Roto Values – Weaver Leads The Way

We have all survived one week of fantasy baseball and can live to tell the stories of it.  Some of our sleeper candidates gave us a dose of reality (thanks, Michael Morse) while some old names showed new life

New Feature: In-Season WERTH Roto Values

During your draft preparation, I helped you explore the projected roto category value of each player those categories based on advanced projections out there.  Now that we have actual baseball being played, I’ll take a look each week at

Walden, Arencibia and Britton | Free Agent Friday

As the first full week of fantasy baseball comes to a close, it’s time to focus on some possible waiver wire pickups.  It’s been only a couple weeks since your draft and we’re already seeing new closers pop up

Ryan Raburn | How Much Should You Give Up

Last year I made the unfortunate mistake of not pulling the trigger on a trade at this time of year.  I had preached about my love for Carlos Gonzalez and got him in every league except one keeper league

Evan Longoria to DL | Finding a Fantasy Replacement

It’s extremely unfortunate when a first round fantasy pick has to go on the DL only two games into the season, as Evan Longoria did, but it hurts worse in this case because 3B is such a thin fantasy

Contreras, Stauffer and Moreland | Free Agent Friday

Drafts are over and real baseballs are being hit with real bats and pitched by real pitchers.  It’s crazy!  After today, all of our respective favorite teams will have taken the field and our beautiful fantasy baseball players will