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Mookie Betts | 2015 Fantasy Baseball Sleeper

Coming up with a list of potential sleepers each year can be done in a number of ways but I choose to use statistical benchmarks that I’ve set based on my research to generate my list of Narco sleepers each year. Those

The Search For Narco | 2015 Sleeper Pitchers

Finding the ultimate fantasy sleepers each year is a tricky business but it’s a vital part of winning championships. On top of that, finding a sleeper pitcher is even more tricky than just finding an undervalued hitter. Most leagues

Overwhelmed? 4 Tools For Simplifying Your Roster Management

The baseball season has started and things are already happening way too quickly. Closers are dropping like flies and weekly waiver wire claims are just around the corner and it’s really hard to keep up with it all, isn’t

Re-Fantasizing Baseball [Slightly Strategic]

(Mike Trout) It’s nap time. Those three words show where my life diverges from Mr. Cheatsheet’s. For me, it means I have 90 minutes. I’m on Reddit. I’m (mock drafting). I’m IMing with Mr. Cheatsheet. Spotify is playing at

What To Expect During The Regular Season at Mr. Cheatsheet

Fantasy baseball is more than just the draft and Mr. Cheatsheet is more than just a draft spreadsheet. We’re nearing Opening Day (not that Australian version) so I wanted to let you know why you should stick around this