What To Expect During The Regular Season at Mr. Cheatsheet

Fantasy baseball is more than just the draft and Mr. Cheatsheet is more than just a draft spreadsheet.

We’re nearing Opening Day (not that Australian version) so I wanted to let you know why you should stick around this season. During the regular season, we’ll celebrate the game of fantasy baseball through stories, research and analysis. The goal is to learn, share and (of course) win our fantasy baseball leagues this season.


Interviews – The quickest way to become one of the best is to surround yourself with the best. This summer, I’ll be interviewing great minds from the baseball analytic and fantasy baseball communities. Let’s soak in some of their brain power.

Analysis – Don’t expect the research to stop now that the draft is over. Expect to find more studies related to in-season fantasy baseball performance that will help influence your transactions.

Reader Mail – I love getting questions via email and tweets from the readers. This is your warning that I may use your questions here so that we can all benefit from the answers. Let’s get smarter together.


Fantasy baseball doesn’t stop then start. It weaves its way into our day-to-day lives throughout the season.

Each week, there will be featured stories here about how life and fantasy baseball mix together. In addition, there will be stories from the frontline where you can see the decisions that occur during a typical fantasy baseball season for both a novice and a fantasy baseball “expert”.

Slightly Strategic – A guest contributor will be joining the site for a weekly piece about managing his life as a middle-school English teacher and father of two young boys while managing a fantasy baseball roster too. Fans of this site may know Russ from the two shows we did together (Performance-Enhancing Discussions and Why Should We Care?).

The Irregular Season – In my day-to-day life, I’m a wild and crazy mild and lazy bachelor living in suburban Ohio and working in higher education. You know me as a fantasy expert that you put your trust in. You hope that you’re putting your trust in a guy who is winning his fantasy leagues and you’ll get to find out for yourself this season. Each week, I’ll walk you through the trials and tribulations of my season in four different leagues and talk about how life intersects with this game.


Pickups and Drops – You can find information about potential players to add via free agency on any fantasy site out there but I’ll try to identify valuable players that other sites aren’t talking about. I’ll also recommend players to drop because that decision is sometimes even more important than who you should pick up. We all have stories about that-time-we-dropped-that-guy-who-had-a-great-season. Let’s avoid that this year.

In-Season Cheatsheets – No promises here but I have a few ideas about some in-season cheatsheets that would analyze trades and pickups based on league type. This site was built upon the premise that there are countless leagues with very unique settings that need their own customized analysis. With any luck, these in-season cheatsheets will build upon that and give you a big advantage during the season.


There’s a reason why you found yourself at a website like this. I would register a guess that it is because you really love this game of fantasy baseball. It’s special to you beyond just choosing players for your roster. There’s the love of competition, camaraderie and baseball itself. This game is special to me too which is why I make these draft tools, do this research and write all of these posts to share with you. Let’s share that love of fantasy baseball all year long here at Mr. Cheatsheet!

Play ball!

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  • Rhett Oldham
    05/03/2014 at 1:06 AM

    What do you think about Sam Fuld now that he is getting regular ABs in MN?