2011 Roto Cheatsheets – March Release

Now that the 2011 version of the ZiPS projections has been released, I can finally unleash the powers of the next version of my feature-packed fantasy baseball Excel cheatsheets.  This is pretty close to the final version that you’ll see this season with only minor tweaks and ADP updates from here.  A number of new features have been added since the initial release that I’ve been trickling out but I’ve been waiting for this ZiPS release before we can fully unleash all of the features.

Here are a rundown of some of the new features that you can take advantage of this time around:

  • Player Search – Simple little addition to allow you to more easily find players as you go
  • Sort Options – Being able to sort by stat categories or ranking is now easy as something really easy.
  • Hide Drafted Players – Keeps the spreadsheet nice and tidy as you go along with undrafted guys at the top. Updates automatically as players are drafted.
  • New Rankings – Added a bunch of new player rankings from various sites and updated the composite ranking (just averages out the set of rankings). If you want other sites’ rankings added, let me know.
  • New ADP Data – Got CBS and ESPN’s average draft position data now available to use as an option. If you know of other ADP sites that post their data, let me know as well.
  • ZiPS Projections – ZiPS is a great projection system for predicting the upcoming season and is now available to use if you so choose.
  • Combined Projections – If you don’t feel comfortable choosing a projection system, this new tool gives you the ability to just combine the main ones (Marcel, CAIRO and ZiPS) and just roll with that.
  • Average Roto Value at Position – To help determine how scarce the position is and compare the player versus the average fantasy starter at his position.

This is all in addition to the already great features which you may be familiar with:

  • Completely customizable league settings to show values for any type of league
  • Live projected standings updated throughout the draft so you can see areas of weakness to target
  • Switch over to any projection system throughout the draft for multiple opinions
  • Choose from a number of rankings to get “expert” opinions on where players rank
  • Check out our calculated WERTH Roto Values to see how many potential points in the standings a player is worth for your team
  • Ability to mark off players as they get drafted and use our custom formula to estimate the odds that players might still be available in one or two rounds.

For those who want a complete walkthrough of everything you can do with these cheatsheets, check out the following super long walkthrough:

So, without further ado, get to downloading the cheatsheet!

2011 Roto Cheatsheet v2.0

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