2012 Fantasy Cheatsheets | Early March Update

Fantasy baseball drafts are starting to heat up and the cheatsheets here are near completion. This particular update doesn’t contain huge advancements in functionality but contains some major new data which is why I felt an update post was in order. We have some of the final pieces of data that we needed for the cheatsheets by having new ADP data released (ESPN and CBS) and the final projection set released (Marcel). Those two updates allow for me to also add in a combined ADP option and combined projections option. All of those goodies are now in the cheatsheets as items to select and they show up in the new (and awesome) Player Profiles. For auction folks, new auction values are here as well and an Average Expert Dollar Value was added in too so be sure to check those out.

If you’re unfamiliar with the cheatsheets here at this point in the season, feel free to educate yourself by reading about the initial releases of the cheatsheets here: Point Leagues, Roto Draft, Roto Auction. When opening up the spreadsheet, you may be asked to enable macros… Please enable macros as that is the only way this spreadsheet can work! 

Without further ado, go ahead and download your weapon of choice below:

Download the 2012 Roto Draft Cheatsheet or
Download the 2012 Roto Auction Cheatsheet or
Download the 2012 H2H Points League Cheatsheet

The list of data included in the cheatsheet has grown incredibly long so I’ll just skip all of that info and explain the new features in this version compared to the last:

  • Added Marcel projections as an option
  • Added Combined projections which combine Marcel, Cairo, Steamer and ZiPS
  • Added ESPN ADP data
  • Added CBS ADP data
  • Added an option to see the average of the four ADP sets for each player
  • Added ESPN auction values
  • Added Yahoo public and projected auction values
  • Added an Average Expert auction value
  • Updated the Player Profile pages to include this new data

Enjoy! But, please let me know if there’s any bugs or glitches that you encounter for your unique league type!

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  • Smitty
    03/08/2012 at 2:38 AM

    Nice add with the player profile pages, really like that tab. And thanks for adding the yahoo aav data! Huge help!

    Quick question. On the auction spreadsheet, I have 13 teams selected, a budget of 265, and specific OF positions. Why does it discount such players as Hunter Pence so much in the Projected value? Pence's werth rank was in the 20's, but the spreadsheet said his value was only $18, a few $ less than the average of the expert values. Ive noticed this for a few players. Is it because they are OFs (less position scarcity?). Just seems to be a bit drastic. Thanks for your help!

  • Barry
    03/10/2012 at 2:09 PM

    Maybe this is known issue. Roto auction cheatsheet > Player profiles. When selecting a pitcher for player two the ERA – K/9 (col J – L) do not display correctly. They round to the nearest whole number instead of the expected 1/100th value.
    Amazing work and thank you for making these available.

  • David Gehrke
    03/27/2012 at 6:18 PM

    How do you select AL/NL only?